Wynkoop v 622A President Street Owners Corporation - KSC 520988-2019

American Express Vice President Rajeev Subramanyam and his co-conspirator Kyle R. Taylor Esquire, both minority shareholders in 622A President Street Owners Corporation persued for 7 years a baseless claim that Shareholders Keske and Wynkoop who jointly own 60% of the COOP shares had appropriated the cellar to themselves against the terms of the lease.

The problem was Subramanyam and Taylor lied to the court in making that claim and tried to mislead the court by hiding from the court the very leases they had each signed which listed the cellar of the building being under the exclusive control of the first floor unit, jointly owned by Keske and Wynkoop.

Because of their lies and bad faith 622A President Street Owners Corporation now owes Keske and Wynkoop more than $750,000 in indemnification.

Because Rajeev Subramanyam and Kyle Taylor are unwilling to indemnify the 622A President Street Owners Corporation as they are required to do according to the terms of the Lease and Corporate By-Laws the COOP has no funds with which to repay Keske and Wynkoop their legal fees.

This has forced Keske and Wynkoop to bring an action against 622A President Street Owners Corporation for the money which will cloud the title to the property at 622A President Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215.

This is an e-filed case and the case documents will all be available on the court web site eventually, but for right now you can view the complaint here.